Client Testimonials

"The savings from the OPT-OUT program gives us more funds at the first of the month. Few customers have complained. We can now pay our $2,000.00 monthly electric bill instead of giving it to the credit card company."

- Cathy (Convenience Store - Owner)

"The price can't be beat!! I don't have to try calling 5-6 times to get a live person. They offer 24/7 support and my Sales Rep has never left me hanging. 5 stars!!!" 

- Frances (Pet Grooming - Owner)

"Before the OPT-OUT program, the fees were very high. I'm sure all Merchants know how much they pay. Now the fees are gone!"

- Tati (Restaurant - General Manager)


"So far, so good. I'm offering the OPT-OUT program, but most customers just want to go ahead and use the card and are fine with the service fee. I haven't had anyone complain and it's been a huge savings for me."

- Angel (Dry Cleaning Service - Owner)


"I haven't experienced any push back at all from my customers and I especially like the fact that I'm not having to pay heavy credit card fees."

- Rafael (Restaurant - General Manager)

"With my old company I would take a credit card payment for $1,500 and think "There goes my profit." With the OPT-OUT program I don't even bat an eyelash knowing that I'll be getting ALL of my money when a customer pays with a credit card."

- Jerry (Auto Repair Shop - Owner)


"The OPT-OUT program has been great for me. I have very few customers ask about the service charge, and when they do I just compare it to an ATM service fee. They understand the concept."

- Mike (Bar - Owner)


"For years I would cringe every time a customer would hand me a credit card. I knew I would be paying a fee for their convenience of using a card. As a business owner I don't think it is right that we pay extra fees so customers get rewarded by the big card companies. A customer should have to pay for their own convenience to use a credit card. Knowing it cost me absolutely nothing when I have a credit card transaction makes everything stress free. The big plus is that now that big chunk of change will not be taken out of my bank account at the end of every month. I truly believe in 2-3 years this will be industry standard if not sooner."

- Scott (Antique Store - Owner)


"I'm very pleased to no longer be paying for the airline miles and points of my customer's credit cards now that I'm using the OPT-OUT program. Only 1 out of 100 people say anything about the service fee. When one customer asked about it, I told him I'd be happy to help him save 4% by doing a cash transaction. I told him the ATM next door charges $2 plus the bank will also charge an additional $2-$4. The service fee on this particular sale was only about $1.50 so my customer was happy to have the convenience of paying the small service fee that actually saved them money and time."

- Ben (Jewelry Store - Owner) -


"Since being on the OPT-OUT program I have not had any issues with customers paying the service fee. The system is so easy to use, and it automatically adds the service fee to the transaction. 

- Kenneth (Transmission Repair Shop - Owner)